What amount is needed to run one pair?

We recommend running one pair with a deposit equivalent of $250. As larger the deposit, as safer the trade.

What pairs of coins can I use to trade?

For trading, you can use any pairs available on the Binance exchange.

How to calculate profit?

You can see the profit in the bot’s logs, but for a more accurate calculation, you need to download the trading history from the exchange and calculate the income manually.

Push the “Orders” button in the upper menu, then click on the “Spot order” button and then go to the “Trade History” on the left side menu. Next, you need to set the time interval, select the pair, and download the trading history in xlsx format. You can download the whole story or separate story for Buy and Sell. It is very convenient and simple. To calculate the profit, you need to summarize all numbers in column Buy, then do the same for the Sell and Fee columns. Then just subtract from Sell the Buy and Fee summaries. Everything is pretty simple. Profit calculation takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Can anyone steal my coins through API keys?

Theoretically, such a possibility, of course, exists, if you tick in API settings “Enable Withdrawals”, which we strongly recommend not to do! To protect yourself as much as possible from losing a deposit or part of it, we urge you not to pass your API keys to anyone and store them in an encrypted form or inaccessible place. Do not give access to your server to anyone. We use your API solely to issue a license to use our bot for trading in order to avoid unauthorized use of the bot with other keys. After issuing a license, your API is stored on our server in the encrypted form! You enter the secret API key in the api.ini file when preparing the bot for launch and no one except you should have access to it.

How long does the bot pay off?

With a deposit of $ 600, a bot usually pays off in less than a month. With a larger deposit, the bot can pay off in just a few days.

What profitability does your bot provide?

The profitability of our bot varies between 5%-40% and averages 20-25% per month. On some days, the yield can grow up to 10% per day, and on some days it can fall to 0, so on average 20% -25% comes out.

How to withdraw money from the exchange?

Money can be withdrawn from the exchange in various ways: to a bank card or to Advanced Cash, etc. You can withdraw capital from the exchange in various ways: to a bank card, Advanced Cash service, through bank transfer (SEPA) and Payeer Wallet, as well as through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchanges.

What is the commission for withdrawing funds from the exchange?

Commissions vary depending on a bank, the average is 2%.

How to choose a pair to trade?

We provide our users with trading settings for a dozen pairs, but if you decide to launch your own, you need to take a good look at at least one of them, because, as a rule, trusted coins from the top 10 Coinmarketcap act as main coins, for example BTC, ETH, BNB as well as stablecoins, BUSD, USDT, IDRT, RUB.
According to our observations, young coins or the so-called shitcoins or scumcoins from the periphery of Coinmarketcap often show good returns. But before starting pairs with them you need to study the history of the coin, look at trading charts, check capitalization, compare the current market price with historical lows and highs, check trading volumes, it will be useful to read reviews and consult with our admins or users of the bot. In any case, even if the traded coins are very respectable, but at the same time have poor volatility, then you won’t be able to earn a lot on them.

With stablecoins, our team also prefers not to trade, since their price is not subject to growth, but to inflation. With cryptocurrencies, if your entire deposit goes into another coin and you go to “invest”, then while waiting for the treasured transaction, this coin can grow by so much that it makes no sense to sell it. With stablecoins, this is possible only in the event of a collapse of all representatives of cryptocurrencies and then they can be used to re-buy crypto. On the example of the last major collapse, it can be noted that the bulk of the holders and speculators are not running to sell their assets at scanty prices, but rather use the market drop to gain a position. As a result, the fall is replaced by rapid growth and large profits.

How can I watch bot trading from my smartphone?

You can use TabTrader App for Android or Delta for IOS.

What should I do if the price of one of the traded coins has changed significantly, and the bot has made purchased on the entire Deposit, but the sale or purchase price will not be reached soon?

In this case, better keep calm and wait for the transaction, or turn the trade in the other direction. If you decide to turn trade, you will not just wait, but you can increase the number of coins that you need to sell. Of course, you can always turn off the pair, but then you have to admit the losses. In some cases, this is acceptable but not desirable. To minimize such episodes, do not hesitate to consult with our admins and bot users.

Can I run the bot on my computer or server?

Yes, but we highly recommend using a virtual server with reliable hosting providers, as this will help you avoid bot stops due to a power outage or the Internet connection problems. Additionally, to keep running the bot 24/7 you should keep your PC on always, and after reboot or loss of connection, you will have to start the bot again.

After exchanging or selling coins, a small amount of Satoshi remains on the account. What can be done with them? Can I convert them?

Small amounts of coins are called dust. They can be converted to BNB on the Balance page.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do, contact us by mail, telegram or through the feedback form for details.