High Profit Bot is a fully automated bot for the Binance cryptocurrency exchange trading. The trading strategy used by our bot is averaging with Martingale and limited purchases according to the relative strength index (RSI), which allows providing returns from 5% to 40% per month! This trading method is one of the most profitable and safe in the cryptocurrencies market.

The advantage of this strategy is that you do not have to analyze the charts and sit near a monitor endlessly in anticipation of the entry point. The bot always buys and sells regardless of market movements, and in strict accordance with your settings. If the market is on the decline, then the bot will buy depending on the set value of the Martingale, thereby reducing the future selling price of coins in order to get the percentage of profit you set. In addition, the bot automatically recounts and rearranges orders, depending on the initial value of the coins being traded at the time of its launch. When the bot sells coins with profit, the cycle ends and the whole process begins again. The excellence of the bot is in automatism, you just need to configure it once. After simply watching its work, and occasionally change the settings if the market starts to shake violently.

From time to time check the market in case of its collapse. Sometimes there are turning points when the market slides to the bottom, but the practice has repeatedly shown that if the market falls, everything will return to pre-crisis positions or so after a while.  

In case of the bot purchasing coins for the whole deposit, and their price dipped significantly and the flat came for an indefinite period, then the strategy can always be changed from LONG to SHORT or vice versa. In most cases, this option will allow you to continue to earn, but in other coins. Otherwise, you will become an investor and, probably have to wait for the return to the previous values ​​for a significant time, but time is money! You need to learn how to make money and sometimes fix insignificant losses, because the declared yield of 5% – 40% can be achieved even when the market collapses. The main thing is to take steps to minimize losses and ensure future bot operations with a profit. For a year of the bot work, there were no more than 3 significant drawdowns, but even in these cases, our bot brought income from 10% to 30% per month for each user!

The key advantage of our bot is freedom: you can easily enjoy life, travel, or do whatever you love whilst getting passive income. You can completely forget about the bot, or lost internet connection for a long time, meanwhile, the bot will work diligently and earn you cryptocurrencies. Automation and robotization have already led to the fact that cheap labor is no longer interesting to anyone, and offshoring is being replaced by reshoring with automated manufacture, AI and robots. Moreover, the crisis of this year just started, millions of people have lost jobs, thousands of businessman have gone bankrupt, which showed up the importance of passive income. If you do not have a passive income, this is your chance to start with the highest ROI that can be found now. All the bot needs is a virtual server or a dedicated server and a good Internet connection.  

The main rule of trading when the price drop is, that there are only two scenarios: buy a cryptocurrency at a lower price compared to the first transactions and recalculate the average cost of a future sale to make a profit or record losses. The rest depends on the size of your deposit and composure. The size of the deposit is crucial, as it allows the bot to level the rapid movement of markets both up and down. The minimum deposit for trading is USD $300 per pair, but better USD $500. The larger the deposit, the safer the trade. The perfect way of trading is to set the bot for 50 sales deals with profit. Such settings let you sleep well and just check the server or Tabtrader for profit from time to time.  

High Profit Bot was written by a trader with rich experience in successful trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges, which allowed us to create the perfect tool for safe and profitable trading on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance. The bot has   the most necessary functionality with easy settings, so you won’t spend a lot of time to learn about its usage.

Before entering the market we tested the bot effectiveness for a year. The results were impressive, as the minimal profit was at least 5,5% per month, and the maximum profit reached 43% per month!