A secure way to store Crypto Currencies

Without a doubt, crypto currencies are waiting for a great future, but before you start accumulating in them, you should protect your crypto currency assets from theft. If you want to keep your coins on the exchange, exchangers or even on your computer connected to the network, then you should not temporarily revise this approach and the risk of losing your coins to nothing. Of course, this is not about trading crypto currencies through exchanges, thanks to which you can expand your deposit on a regular basis, but even for these purposes it is worth choosing reliable exchanges such as Binance.

The probability of losing them when stored outside the hardware wallet cannot be greater. This is honest advice. Money may not be received, even if it is in the pocket of your close friend or relative.

Monitoring on your computer should be completely independent of the network, and all that is needed is a VPN, Linux, and antivirus, which cannot be used to store data on third-party resources. By default, use all resources of your PC. The communication module, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the completely new IOT (Internet of Things) protocol, using the LoraWAN sensor, can exchange information with your computer at a distance of up to 30 km! Experts say that the LoraWAN sensor easily penetrates even through concrete walls, so storing coins on their computers becomes even less relevant.

If we talk about older computers on the 478th juice, it is worth remembering. In addition, you should not forget that when creating wallets, the fact of access to the network will be confirmed by a unique MAC address (Media Access Control) and further routes. If your computer is immediately connected to the network, this requires potential risk, and it must be safe and VPN, which is absolutely necessary before the first connection to crypto currency services.

An electronic interface is required only at the initial stage of generating and printing keys on paper and storing them in a safe place without an Internet connection, therefore, as an option, it was released on a clean machine with a processor until 2007, opening the distribution tails, from where we go to the private generation service keys and create a paper wallet. Thus, it will not work under Windows, the processor on this server does not require additional efforts. There is no question of security. In addition, he can use anyone.

We believe that it is reliable enough, so we can use the most efficient ways to store crypto currencies.

Today, the most perfect and safe way is to use hardware cats, Trezor lost their coins. The last time the owner of the cat Ledger lost crypto currencies worth more than $ 70,000. Theft of coins was carried out remotely, as a result of which users received the available Man in the Middle vulnerability in the Java script that Ledger uses to connect to the computer. Also, 15-year-old hacker Salim Rashid managed to crack Ledger’s wallet in 15 minutes with a simple 300 byte script, which he told the world about on his blog.

As for Trezor wallets, as far as we know, access to the recovery seed wallet was possible only for Kraken Security Labs employees, who had not only physical access to this wallet, but also special equipment, as well as the necessary knowledge. It was possible to do this with a soldering iron and a device that can cause a malfunction in the microcontrollers due to a voltage drop. However, it is worth noting that, provided access is not only to the hardware wallet, but also, so to speak, to the body – you can get by with just one soldering iron! There is no reception from the soldering iron, therefore it is recommended not only to keep your wallet in a safe place, but also try not to shine it to the right and left, as well as to refrain from telling about your existing stock of Bitcoins. Crypto currencies, like money, also love silence. Do not forget that a hardware wallet is not an accessory that should be trumped in front of friends, even if it is the most expensive Trezor model! Servants and other drivers should also not see a bundle of money nor your Trezor, and, of course, should not know where all this is physically stored in your apartment or office. Be vigilant, protect your assets even from the attention of strangers, don’t tempt fate in this way. Do not forget that if you are not in the habit of monitoring other people, this does not mean that someone is not following you to run their hands into your wallet.

It is hypothetically possible to withdraw coins from Trezor wallets only by physically possessing them. It is not possible to steal crypto currencies from Trezor wallets remotely, no matter how the Ledger guys would fantasize about this, spilling mud at the world’s number 1 hardware wallets – Trezor, believing that you can increase your own sales only due to the falling reputation of competitors from Trezor. When we talk about fantasies, we mean the hypothetical possibility of buying a used Trezor wallet, which was once returned to the seller, according to EU law, and re-sold to a new buyer, as a result of which the new wallet owner may lose all his coins. Of course, such an opportunity is potentially present, but there is no confirmed information that Trezor returned wallets are being sold for a new one – there is nowhere except for the inflamed fantasies of Ledger specialists. Of course, they really wanted this, but alas. Trezor is produced in the Czech Republic, and not imported from China, thereby further minimizing the risks of unauthorized access by outsiders to your hardware and software! The good reputation of Trezor wallets is provided not due to PR, but due to the maximum protection of your crypto funds that they provide!

If we talk about the physical loss – loss of Trezor wallets, then the likelihood that someone will be able to quickly withdraw your coins before you can recover your wallet using the keyword is quite small, unlike the MONTBLANC leather wallet, from which one can be withdrawn only by movement.

Another stone in the Ledger garden will be the fact that instead of compensating for stolen coins to users of Ledger wallets due to vulnerabilities, replacing vulnerable wallets with new ones, and solemnly swearing to keep their customers safe – they did not find anything better than to call for help. Meanwhile, Ledger wallets already sold, remain vulnerable.

Statistics show that Trezor wallets have never been stolen, unlike Ledger wallets. Be sure that if such an event had occurred, then Ledger would certainly have trumpeted this event by savoring every detail, but for now they only have to nervously smoke Gitanes, waiting for Trezor to stumble.

Buying Trezor for 59 EUR is much more efficient and easier than the potential danger of crypto currency reserves being lost through negligence or ignorance. Forget about firmware, viruses, address spoofing, Java Script, Bluetooth in a hardware wallet and other vulnerabilities. Bitcoin is growing and will continue to grow, emissions are limited and most of the bitcoins are already distributed. If the rate rises to $100,000 per bitcoin, then even the modest amounts of your satoshi at one point will become significant, and can provoke a massive scam of exchangers, online wallets and exchanges.

Stay calm about your Trezor hardware wallet savings. You can purchase one of the Trezor hardware wallet models directly from the manufacturer using our link: https://shop.trezor.io/?offer_id=10&aff_id=4492.

Today, more and more people recognize crypto currencies not only as an alternative means of payment, but also as a new class of assets, which no longer make sense to ignore. The future has already come. Among other things, the current situation with the so-called pandemic and the attempt to establish a New World Order is a serious reason to convert part of its capital into decentralized crypto currencies, because this is not only an opportunity to transfer some of the eggs to another basket, and protect your savings from upcoming hyperinflation, but also an opportunity to multiply your coins with the help of trading. To automate the trading process – High Profit Bot to help you!

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